Transformers Golden Lagoon Sound Wave Action Figure


To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Transformers, the 30th episode “Secret of the Golden Lagoon” is popular even in this primary animation episode which was chosen as a limited item. By painting plating and gold used abundantly in the whole body, it has a gorgeous shine unique to the memorial item.

It also sticks to the color taste of gold, it is finished to remind the activity in the play.

Now that popular characters’ remake items are complete, I’d like you to enjoy the golden warriors that miraculously realized.


Transformers 35th Anniversary Limited

Set contents Golden Lagoon Soundwave body, weapons, devices, Missile pod, Tharap parts × 2, Instruction manual

Product explanation: This is a product sold in Wonder Festival 2019 winter only.

“The fountain of the Golden Lagoon” of the first animation “Fight! Super robot living body transformer”.


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