Transformers Gen-1 Chess Set Kickstarter Campaign

An all-new chess set featuring 32 hand-painted game pieces modelled on the classic 1980s Generation One Transformers animated cartoon.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector is an international collectibles company that specialises in science-fiction and super hero properties. Eaglemoss Hero Collector have been making collectible statues and chess pieces for more than 20 years. Eaglemoss Hero Collector pride themselves on our passionate fandom, the attention to detail and the depth of research.

Transformers Chess is their first Kickstarter project. The set is based on the classic Generation One Transformers animated series from the 1980s and features 32 individually sculpted chess pieces: 16 evil Decepticons and 16 heroic Autobots.

Eaglemoss Hero Collector have developed the pieces with Hasbro. Each one is an all-new sculpt that was created specially for the set. Hasbro are working with them to make sure that these are the definitive versions of the Gen-1 characters. They are all based on the original animation character designs and careful study of individual episodes.

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