Introducing Transformers Collaboratives

Transformers Collaborative is a line of the Generations toyline that intended to incorporate pop culture movies originating outside of the Transformers brand. It is very different from the Crossovers franchise before it that had the likes of Marvel and Star Wars included!

Unlike its predecessor, Collaborative frequently includes comprehensive pop culture fiction associated with the crossover event.

The Transformers Collaborative included

Back to the Future x Transformers toy Gigawatt

Transformers Back To The Future Figure – Gigawatt

Gigawatt is what the iconic DeLorean time machine would look like as a mighty robot.

This Gigawatt toy has loads of Back To The Future details, like Doc’s goggles and a flux capacitor chest piece.

X-Men x Transformers toy Ultimate X-Spanse

Transformers - Generations - Collaborative: Marvel Comics X-Men

This Ultimate X-Spanse figure converts into a licensed Lockheed Martin jet in 34 steps and features deco and details inspired by the X-Men animated series.

Ghostbusters x Transformers toys Ectotron (Ecto-1)  and Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition

Optimus Prime X Ghostbusters Mp10g Ecto-35 Figure Box

Worlds collide in this TRANSFORMERS-Ghostbusters mash-up pack as the iconic Ecto-1 deco from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie now dawns an iconic TRANSFORMERS robot – the MP-10G OPTIMUS PRIME ECTO-35 Edition!

Hasbro Transformers Generations Ghostbusters 2019 Heroic Autobot Ecto-1 Ectotron Figure

Features classic Tech Specs showing the capabilities of Ectotron, including strength, speed, and bust-abilty.

Top Gun x Transformers Toy Maverick

Transformers Generations Exclusive Top Gun Mash-Up Maverick RobotThe iconic Grumman F-14 Tomcat jet from the Top Gun film is now a Transformers robot, called Maverick!

Transformers Collaborative: Universal Monsters Dracula Mash-Up, Draculus

Transformers Collaborative: Universal Monsters Dracula Mash-Up, Draculus

The Draculus figure is inspired by the vampire from the 1931 Universal Pictures film, Dracula. Figure converts into bat mode in 23 steps. Figure features details inspired by the Dracula movie, including black and white deco inspired by the black and white movie release. Comes with cape, blaster, and Impaler claw accessories.

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